Nik Tsekouras

A web expert for hire

How a website is made

Let me introduce you to the website making process.

First of all meet the characters..

That's you - aka bird

That's me - aka pirate panda

Guest appearence by:


My wife

The beer



01/The Contact

At first you realise that's about time to make a website.

Then we get in touch.. You call me, mail me, text me or whatever suits you.

If you are located nearby Volos, Greece, we arrange a meeting to talk about your project over a nice hot coffee or a refreshing ice cold beer.
My treat!!

If you are far far far far away, DON'T WORRY!
We can make everything happen through e-mail, chat or skype. I have done it many times.

I need a website man!!
I can make money out of this and more than 85% of consumers use the web to find products and sevices.

I have to get in touch with Nik
He can make it happen for sure!!

What i want is bla bla..
bla,bla.. chirp!

Yes, yes..

Ok, ok. I hear you..

My turn.
I think that blabla,..

02/The Talk

Now that we have met, we start talking.
Actually you talk and i listen carefully..

You have to tell me about your needs, your thoughts, your goals, your preferences and anything relevant

Once you are done, i give you my professional advice and now you listen carefully.

03/The Deal

After our constructive discussion and if no further analysis is needed,
I will tell you the project's cost and timing.

Then we close the deal peacefully, because you know that i am going to get it done!!

You pay 30% of the total cost in advance
and this is when i kiss my fingers good luck and start programming..

if you are on a mobile device, click to start the animation

I want the friends
and family discount!!

I am not afraid to
use it man!!
make a better price!!

That's better..
Here nik,
make it happen!

to re-start the animation

It's gonna cost

What about this??

Ok Ok man
chill out!

What the ..

04/The Making

Here is the part that i work really, really hard to make it happen!!

I am tottaly concentrated and want to be as fast as possible..


05/The Closure

My work is done now and you are very happy with the results!!


You have made the right choice to make a website, as it going to help your business in many ways!!
Also the right choice to hire me..

We now relax with a nice cold beer!!

Nice work Nik. Thanks!!


It was an honor working with you bird!!


06/The Way Up [*optional but preferable]

Now that you have an impressive web presence, you can reach a lot of new potential customers.

You can help yourself by hiring me to handle your web marketing campaigns.

Web marketing = promotion to targeted audience = More money for you!!

Hey Batman,
will you help me increase this site's pageviews & visitors??

Maybe later Nik
I have dinner plans
with Catwoman..

Check out some of my works

I love the web!!

I like playing around with many things.
I am into videography, special effects, web animation and much more..

My strong suit is my programming skills.
With all this wonderful technology around, the possibilities are endless and..
I can make it happen!!

My Skills:

  • Html5/Css3
  • Jquery/Js
  • C#
  • AngularJs
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere
  • Php

Get In

Talk, call, chat, text, mail me for anything you want.

I can do anything for you, from the simplest [but beautiful] site to the most complex web application!

Let's Make
Great Things


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